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Hello Azumi Uchitani,

How do you do? It has been a while. I wanted to write you about something new. In the beginning off Covid I started claying little blocks (or rocks) every day, for half an hour, with self-drying clay, between my thumbs and index fingers. When you look at the video you see how. see video
In the first place I had no idea what the blocks were about. I longed for a new daily routine, some silent action, something that would make me quiet (or even better; to shut up thinking). Now, two months later, It still feels like a good thing. The routine fits. The quantity of blocks grows.
For a long time my art research and -practice did not give me any pleasure. My routines didn’t work and besides, not unimportant, I couldn’t find a good studio to create art. It was simply impossible. Amsterdam changed so much last years. The space for art is no longer obvious.
But, the lack of space also brought me something; whenever I had an idea, I would have to ‘test & check’ it at the corner of the kitchen table. Big moves were simply not possible. Just little prototypes would have to do it. With the clay blocks it worked out well….and I did find a good studio in the meanwhile.
I saw your video about Ma. see video   It made me happy. You filled the gap between my blocks. You gave a great conceptual reflection. Something that was new for me. I thank you for that. With the Japanese classic books of  painters and illustrators around me, like usual, things finally start to become a bit more clear. I feel strong, connected and I know what to do. Thank you for the video about Ma.

Hope you are well. Your website looks great. 
With optimistic regards, Edward.

If you want to know more about Azumi Uchitani, see https://www.azumiuchitani.com


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