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The client " cemetery Zoom en Zegestede" requested a different look on saying farewell to our deceased and to refurbish the interior of the 1970 build building. An analyses resulted in a thorough renovation and extension of the building. Central in the design were the back door and the facade were the deceased are leaving the building. The concept "from something to nothing".




Visitors are guided through the design concept in the process of saying farewell from their beloved.
The design concept are highlighted by three walls:

Entrance wall  mourning
Condolence wall  saying farewell from live
Farewell wall  from something to nothing




Architect: Pole-Productions Ingrid Annokkee
Hubert Crijns - Peter van der Pol - Margreet van Maanen Pals
Building Contractor: Heembouw
Production Entrance wall: Sant interiors
Production Condolence wall: Sant interiors Production
Farewell wall: Glass Solutions
Light Installation: studio Rublek & Elektra 21
Interior: Aarts & Co 
HVAC Installation: Clysan Landscape
Architect: Zichtlijn, Marcel van Wezel 
Photography : Jurgen Jacob Lodder
art: buro ONTWARD
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